Change the world with kindness

I pledge to carry out acts of kindness

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The world needs your kindness

One small act of kindness can change someone's life. So imagine what millions of acts can do.

In September, together we exceeded our goal of over 250,000 acts of kindness in just 15 days. Let’s keep going. To celebrate World Kindness Day on November 13th, we need your help to keep kindness going and create a worldwide movement throughout the year.

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Ideas for being kind

Be kind and look around you today.

Look around for needs in your community. Consider donating clothing to those in need.
Every day is a great day to be kind.

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Here are a few ways you can be kind today:


Acts of kindness so far!

Meet our Kindness Ambassador

Having traveled the world relying on the kindness of strangers, Leon knows firsthand what small acts of kindness can do. He’s here to help us create a worldwide movement to spread kindness.

In September, Leon helped us reach over 250,000 acts of kindness in just 15 days. We need your help to keep the momentum going as we spread kindness worldwide in celebration of World Kindness Day on November 13, 2019.

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You can spread kindness by partnering with Healing Hands

The doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation® can help you spread kindness in your community and across the world.

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